Wednesday, April 19, 2006

dinosaurs and their descendants

The dinosaur story I've been talking - ok, whining - about for, oh, nine months is out at last. I got five copies direct from the printer yesterday. I haven't reread it yet, but the layout looks nice. My parents' subscription to the magazine in question hasn't arrived yet...maybe it'll get there today.

In other postal news, a pair of mourning doves are trying to build a nest on top of the mailbox by the front door. It's the kind that opens by lifting the top. Mourning doves: not the brightest bulbs of the avian world. My mail carrier opened the mailbox as usual yesterday, so bits of nest were scattered around the front porch. Then this morning when I went out, I frightened a dove off the light fixture just above the mailbox, where they've started over. If the mailman doesn't scare them off for good today, I may have to sign the front door over to the birds and use the back door for a couple of months, or however long it takes mourning doves to reproduce.

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