Wednesday, March 01, 2006


I'm the blindingly white one who's dead asleep. I spent a lot of time asleep on this vacation. It was part of what made the vacation such a success. There were excellent activities, like the beach and the U2 concert (I'm getting to it, Basso - this is a chronological account) and Carnaval. And there was a lot of sitting around doing nothing. I don't take enough vacations that involve sitting around doing nothing. Last year when I went to Mali and Morocco there was very little time spent doing nothing. When you travel with my dad, as I did then, you do not waste time.


miss shirley said...

I get so annoyed when my vacation mates want to go all the time. I'm really of the mind that a lot of sleeping and laying around reading is a vacation well spent.

towwas said...

Yeah. I'm glad I went to all those places in Mali, because they were really cool and I'm probably never going back, but it wasn't a relaxing vacation.