Saturday, March 18, 2006


The day after the Belle & Sebastian show, I woke up with a blue mark on my face - somehow the stamp from the 9:30 club had made its way from the back of my hand to my pillow to my face.

This afternoon I woke up from a long nap and my hand was blue. Ok, geniuses: how'd it happen?


J.Bro said...

Maybe you didn't eat enough cheese, freakazoid.

Spice said...

Was there a big pot of ink or blueberries near where you were napping?

J.Po said...

You slept with your hand under your face. Transfer!

Hey - I went to a B&S concert with Sophist a few years ago and felt like I didn't belong. Like, I washed my hair more than once a week and I wasn't wearing a babydoll dress with stripped tights. Was this your experience?

...and Terry Gross had an interview with the lead singer 2 weeks ago or so. It was interesting.

towwas said...

I fit in ok at Belle & Sebastian - it was reasonably well washed.

But there was no stamp on my face this weekend, so that's not how I turned my hand blue. Nice try though.

towwas said...

Ok, nobody got it. I was sleeping with my face on my hand on a dark blue pillow. And I was drooling. Copiously.