Tuesday, February 28, 2006


In Brazil everyone wears these totally cute flip-flops called "Havaianas." So I got me a pair. Ok, I actually got three pairs for me and a pair for G-dog. But one of the pairs I bought at a stupid department store where the cashiers are idiots. See anything wrong with the flip-flops in this picture? Have any suggestions on what I can do about it?


J.Po said...

Go to your local GAP. Explain predicament. Get assistance.

This once happened to me with a shirt I bought for, like, 2 bucks at The Limited. (i can't believe I admit to shopping there ... once.). When I went back, they kindof didn't believe that I had purchased the shirt and forced me to present proof of payment. It was a turtleneck and I returned to the store in June.

grrrbear said...

Depending on how brave your're feeling, another possible alternative might be to cut the strap of the sandal (somewhere where it's not so visible) remove the security tag, and then use super glue to reattach the ends. This would work better if it was a clean cut through the strap, obviously, so use a sharp scissors.

Not that I've tried this before, it was just an idea I had.

miss shirley said...

I think you should wear them exactly like that. You will be fun in malls and department stores, and you might start a new trend.

towwas said...

Anthropologie came through for me - I didn't even have to show them the receipt. I didn't even have to ask, actually. When I walked in the store, I set off the alarm, so the cashier chicks were both staring at me. And I walked up and said, "So, I have these flip-flops I bought in Brazil?" and they were like, sure, hand 'em over. Being excellent young retail hipsters, they knew the brand of flip-flops and were like, ooh, those are totally cuter than the ones at Urban Outfitters. I felt all in-the-know.