Sunday, February 08, 2009

everybody else's girl

I think this blog is now about iTunes.

I'm listening on shuffle and just got to "Girl" by Tori Amos. It's on Little Earthquakes, so it's part of the soundtrack of my freshman year of college. I haven't listened to this song since late 2006 (says iTunes, and I believe iTunes, because I don't listen to CDs anymore) and I was singing along, loud and tunefully, getting all of the slightly random twists and turns of the melody right.

So I learned this song more than 15 years ago, I haven't heard it in two years, and I still know exactly how it goes. Memory is something, huh? If only I had that kind of memory for numbers or facts. Perhaps I need to set my stories to music so I could actually remember what they're about. (I wrote this thing about how [topic] is good for you. Or it's not. Shoot, I forgot. Let me get back to you.)


erin*carly said...

some things just stick with you. tori does it for me, too.

kumquat said...

I heard Ani DiFranco last night -- crazy how fast I recognized her, and those stupid little lilts in her voice! Gah! Angry girls!!!!!

So, here's some science for you -- Alzheimer's patients retain music they learned in their youth. Doesn't bode well for my old-age soundtrack -- don't steal my story idea!