Saturday, January 03, 2009

rice pudding recipe

Last weekend I went to G.Dog's mom's annual Christmas regifting and caroling party. G.Dog's calculations on food quantity were wayyyy off, so there ended up being about twice as much rice as was needed. I brought some home. The last time I made rice pudding from leftover rice, it wasn't really that great, so I hereby record for posterity this excellent recipe. I used 2% milk ('cause that's what I had) and threw in some ground cloves and a cinnamon stick at the end. If I did it again, I might drop the cloves.


Leslie said...

I am so very glad you enjoyed the rice pudding. What a great way to use up left over rice huh?
I too would drop the cloves, as I am not a clove fan. To answer your question..I would add any spices at the begining so they have a nice long time to infuse into the rice! YUM

towwas said...

Yeah, next time whole spices are going in at the beginning. Thanks again for the recipe!