Tuesday, December 30, 2008

you'll wind up in some factory

Yesterday I had lunch with J.Chu in a town immortalized in an R.E.M. song. After lunch we wandered over to the public library, which took us past the new temporary ice skating rink she'd mentioned.

I was watching people clump around on it and thought, there's something wrong with that ice.

See that plastic with the crenellated edge? That's the ice. So, it's not so much "ice" as it is "plastic." People were skating on it with real skates and everything. Totally weird. I think this supports the arguments for not going back to Rockville, at least not if you're interested in skating on ice.


erin*carly said...

even the surface was plastic? so weird. there's a temporary ice rink at Pentagon Row usually. i wonder if it's the same stuff.

Coloradan said...

I knew there was something wrong with that place.

But I think it's also funny that R.E.M. thought there were factories there.

Jason said...

Not as weird as you knowing what a crenellated edge is.

towwas said...

I had to look up crenellated to confirm that it meant what I thought it meant, but yeah, I was pretty proud of myself.