Saturday, December 13, 2008

not the emerald city

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend who works here:

Look how shiny the lobby is!

PBS is in a neighborhood called Crystal City, an area of office-building hell near National Airport. I guess I'd never gotten off the metro there before, because I was quite surprised by the vast underground network of weird shopping areas (discount perfume! ugly clothes! Burger King!) that connects the bottom of all the office buildings. It reminded me of the Warsaw train station, which also has a vast underground network of weird shopping areas. The Warsaw one has way better food, though. (There's good food in Crystal City, but it's above ground.)


Coloradan said...

There are also vast tracts of hall space down there with no shops at all. I think it's kind of spooky. But at least it's a warm way to get to the metro.

erin*carly said...

the worst part of crystal city is the underpass to cross Rt. 1. i've never seen ceiling mold grow so thick before. UGGGGH.

i'd rather risk my life crossing the street than contracting some flesh-eating fungus from that tunnel.