Sunday, December 28, 2008


Sorry, I know that after a great burst of blog productivity I kind of stopped for a while there, but I realized there's just no way I'm going to make my quota and I kind of gave up. This year, there will not be 366 chunks o' towwas. It was just a rough year, you know? I mean, it's ending really well, but for a lot of the year I was pretty actively unhappy. There was a long stretch there where I slept on the couch most nights because I didn't want to go lie in bed and think about my day. I am more interested in blogging when I'm in a good mood.

I'm in a TOTALLY good mood now. Today I was at T.Hand's house and she asked, in a concerned voice, if I am really ok with being out of work. I am so ok. For example: no more stress-related digestive problems.

I was thinking the other day (as I painted polyurethane on a piece of my new home office) how darn lucky I am. I'm embarking on a really cool and exciting new phase of my career. I happen to be going into it in a very good financial position, in an apartment I love, with many excellent friends, relatives, and professional contacts on my side. Things are pretty darn good! I know freelancing will come with a whole new pile of stress, from new and interesting sources, and I know I'm feeling great right now 'cause I haven't really done any work in the last six weeks. But I'm optimistic about this new direction.


Sophist said...

Wow, awesome new 'tude!! I cannot wait to hear all about your adventures on the new Science Writing Expedition.

I felt similarly happy when I left my last job, and the farther away I have been from that job, the more I realize how awful it was. And, the gladder I become that it made me miserable enough to push me into a new, better world - rather than merely miserable enough to make me be miserable... :-)

towwas said...

Yay! I also got to do a lot of really cool stuff in this last job and met some great people who I hope to keep around, both professionally and personally. So, not bad at all, in the end, especially considering the direction it's pushed me in now!

Sophist said...

Very true - I did make lots and lots of friends at my last job too, so like you, I ended up reaping the friends and connections, but dropping the crappy job part. :-)

erin*carly said...

sounds like you've gotten the best out of everything. i, too, am excited to hear about science writing expedition stories. and to tide us over, stories about the transformation of your desk. pictures, pictures. :)

Talentedhands said...

I'm happy you're happy. So is Roxanne.

miss shirley said...

I just want to say :)

No, make that :D