Monday, December 29, 2008


This expedition I'm going on (which doesn't start til April) will
involve no web access. Shocking, I know!! But I will be able to send
text e-mails. So I'm trying out the thing where Blogger lets you
e-mail web posts. Does it work? Would it work better if I knew a
little basic html? Probably! Let me try a link...<a

Of course, since I won't have web access, I also won't be able to look
up links to include in text-only blog, this is going to be
a whole different world.

UPDATE and either I'm really, really bad at html, or that little experiment failed. I coded it right, didn't I? I think it just doesn't work. Well, just as well I'll only be sending text.


kumquat said...

The link is live, the actual URL that you spelled out, but it didn't link to "here". Haven't looked carefully, but nothing jumped out at me as being wrong!

towwas said...

It might be because there's a line break. But whatever, I won't even be able to look up urls while I'm on the expedition, so it's not like I'll be including them.