Friday, December 12, 2008

lookin good

I think to match last year's feat (and the year before) I'd have to blog like three times a day for the rest of the year. Don't hold your breath. I mean, I'll give it a shot, but there could be a lot of boring posts.

Hey, I'm a freelance writer now. Check that out. I was in an excellent position when I got laid off - I have an embarrassingly large amount saved and in an easily-mobilized account (as opposed to my retirement savings, which I'm not touching), no family to support, reasonable rent, and yay, thank Congress for COBRA. And whenever I called a former boss or other nice person to tell them I'd been laid off, they'd say something like, "Great! Can you freelance for me?" So I'm going to give this freelance thing a shot. The savings and other circumstances mean that I don't have to panic for several months. And things had been so lousy at work for so long that I'd thought all the way through the worst-case scenario, and let me tell you, it isn't that bad.

So in the last few weeks, I've pitched a book (!), talked about many story ideas with an editor of a Big Magazine (some of the involving international travel), signed up to write a bunch of quizzes for a website, interviewed for an insane ocean adventure, and generally had a lot of exciting tastes of what my life could be now that I'm free. (Free!)

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erin*carly said...

sounds awesome to me! i think [no, i know] you'll do well as a freelancer. yay for networking!