Thursday, December 18, 2008


Things I wouldn't mind having for Christmas:

* fold-up scissors that I can throw in a bag and carry around with my knitting and not worry that they'll stab something. Something like this.
* a digital watch that is not thoroughly unattractive (i.e. face smaller than a tin can), resists water, and can count down three minutes.
* Wall-E on DVD.
* world peace.
* a gift certificate to this yarn store.
* this songbook.

[to be continued as I think of other stuff]
* a gift certificate to this yoga studio.
* Mary Chapin Carpenter's new Christmas album.
* of course I want this calendar.
* tickets to West Side Story.
* tickets to Les Miz at the Signature Theatre.

P.S. My mom says to tell you this list is for her, so don't go buying me things on it.


J.Bro said...

A three-minute countdown is an oddly-specific demand.

towwas said...

Coloradan said...

Damn, I guess I will have to cancel my order for world peace.