Friday, December 12, 2008

knit, then, wherever you may be

Like I said, yarn is expensive. A few weeks ago I found a sweater pattern that I wanted to make. Patterns are usually written for a particular yarn. You can substitute, of course, but it happens that the store up the street from me sells the yarn. I checked, and the yarn for this sweater would've cost $64. Uh, I could buy a better sweater for a lot less. Also, I just got laid off.

I asked my facebook friends how to get cheap yarn. One suggested a cheap brand but said, also, it feels cheap and it wears cheap. Then another said: buy thrift store sweaters and unravel them. I'd read about this online before but hadn't actually heard of anyone who'd tried it. So I read some tutorials and hit the thrift store.

Next thing I knew, I had 800-ish yards of baby blue cashmere and Swallowed My Flea had a new baby boy. I found a pattern online and knit for basically a week straight. I used circular needles so it didn't take up much space and carried my work in a little cloth bag so I could hide it in corners backstage during the Christmas show. I took it to the hospital (my dad was in the hospital - he's fine now) and knitted for hours. I knitted at restaurants. I knitted on the metro. And behold:

Totally cute cashmere baby blanket for less than $5 of materials. Aww yeah.


Talentedhands said...

So. Very. Cool. You are my knitting hero.

Re: freelancing, you should totally be my ghost writer for my angry IVF rant.

towwas said...

Hey, if you ever write that rant, I'll totally edit it. You should do it soon, though, 'cause the experience isn't getting any newer.

Jason said...

Very impressive. For a freelancer.

erin*carly said...

that recycled yarn article makes me want to learn to unravel and then knit. or maybe just to unravel. i don't have a great attention span.