Sunday, December 21, 2008

home office

Last Friday I had my dad captive in a car for an hour or so and got him thinking about how to rearrange my desk area. My desk is in a goofy little corner of my apartment, and it's really not big enough to work on. I mean, like, WORK work. I also need a way to get my bills, various coupons, Christmas Show stuff, and other non-work things out of my way when I'm working. Fortunately, my dad is really good at arranging furniture and shelves and things, so by the time we got out of the car he pretty much had it figured out. Today we went to IKEA to look at drawers and I think this whole desk thing is going to come together. Wahoo! Then I will no longer have an excuse for avoiding work. (Hahahhaha. No, don't worry, I'll think of something.)

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