Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Look, it's my new office! It's not totally finished - it's probably going to get kind of a wall-like thing on the left side (maybe going up as high as the big shelf that is there) with some more shelves on it. Also, I'm getting a laptop, so the computer situation will change. Also, I will put stuff on the shelves. Oh, and the desk making the "L" is just my old desk - it's going to be a new one that matches the other new one and may also be on wheels, so I can get it out of the way when people come over. Anyway, isn't my dad awesome?


J.Bro said...

That's a nice change! Looks like you're ready for the trevails of owning a 100 year-old house to me.

towwas said...

Heh. Yes, if my dad does all the work. My contributions: (1) holding the pieces while he ironed on the veneer edging; (2) painting on coats of polyurethane.