Thursday, November 27, 2008

still obsessed

Don't worry - I may not have mentioned it lately, but be assured that I'm still knitting obsessively.

I made this wacky hat for She Gre:

The yarn comes from this awesome Japanese company. Noro makes really lovely hand-dyed yarn in all kinds of interesting color combinations, and there's a store nearby that carries a bunch of their stuff. She Gre says she gets many compliments.

This hat is for one of my former colleagues:

The gray is alpaca and the blue/yellow is another Noro yarn, doing its color-changing thing. Super annoying, though - so I started at the bottom of the hat, right, and the blue was a nice contrast with the gray alpaca. Then the blue started changing color and I realized it was going to change to gray. Which, uh, not so much with the contrast. I decided to cut it and jump to the next color, and I'm not as into the yellow. But anyway.

That hat took me two days and this scarf:

...took me a month. I think I just got bored with it (do one stitch, repeat for five straight feet of fabric). Anyway, it's done now and can make its way to its rightful owner.

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Talentedhands said...

Your knitting is most awesome.

In other news, let me know want to talk freelance business sometime. Or not.