Saturday, November 15, 2008

ideas, ideas, ideas

I have about 10 million ideas for things to do next, from an Arctic cruise on an icebreaker to tracking down the source of this awesome yarn in Japan. I actually wasn't kidding in the last comment thread about writing a memoir with the subtitle "How I Lost My Job And Became A Better Person Through Knitting."

Somewhere early in that memoir, I would like to use Coloradan's line: "I'd be sadder if you guys didn't suck so much."

I'm in the market for suggestions on titles, better subtitles, and knitters I should talk to. I want someone in Norway to teach me how to make a proper sweater. I totally want to talk to someone who made socks and stuff for her family all her life and is perplexed by all these younguns who buy expensive yarn and think they discovered knitting. And of course I will need to talk to about 10 million hipster knitters. I should probably also get all these people to teach me to make things, too.


J.Bro said...

Will your book include Important Life Lessons About What's Really Valuable? Because I would read that book to my daughter.

towwas said...

Oh, sure. I hope you would also buy copies for everyone you know and leaving glowing reviews on Amazon.

erin*carly said...

i don't knit, and i'm excited by your book. i think it could be awesome.

do you need a photographer?

miss shirley said...

You need a photographer to take pictures of all the knitting projects that will come out of this book. When your book is super famous and on the NYT Bestseller list you can hold a gallery showing of the things you knitted while researching the book. I love this book. Can I pre-order it?