Sunday, November 09, 2008

facebook is killing my blog

I know I haven't been blogging that much lately. You know what? Now whenever I have a funny thought, I put it in my Facebook status line. Instant gratification, no space for exposition, and way more comments than the average blog post. Here are some recent updates:

[my name] enjoyed High School Musical 3, but Ashley Tisdale's old nose was cuter.
[my name] is writing on [high school acquaintance]'s and [high school acquaintance]'s walls and wondering what the heck year this is, anyway? 1992?
[my name] saw Doctor Atomic and High School Musical 3 today. Talk about contrasts.
[my name] values niceness highly.
[my name] didn't go to [university] or study math. But her brother did.
[my name] is singing at Glen Echo tonight. Just as soon as I put some clothes on.
[my name] is ready for the weekend to start. But trying to do a rewrite first. But not really all that enthusiastic. And not allowed to start sentences with And or But.

UPDATE, 11/10: T.Hand points out that I totally stole this from her blog. I would like to say, in my defense, that it was completely non-intentional! I read her post a month ago and forgot about it!!


Coloradan said...

There's an article in Wired this month about how blogs are totally passe, it's all about Twitter now or just posting pictures/video. I like status updates, but some things just can't be expressed in 140 characters or less, IMHO.

Sophist said...

I just got an iPhone (SO AWESOME), my first major splurge after getting a "real" job, and now updating the status on Facebook is super easy. I think I"ll start doing it more. Twitter seems fun as well. I signed up for an account but couldn't figure out how to link it in any meaningful way to facebook/blog/etc..?

towwas said...

Oooooh, iPhone, fun!! Aren't there people who have it set up so their Twitter appears in their status line? Or something? I dunno. I am confused by this "Twitter."

Talentedhands said...

Dude, you totally stole this post my from my blog! I'm flattered.

towwas said...

Oh god!! Did you even call it the same thing? Crud. wasn't intentional. Omg, you did call it the same thing! Oh my god, and you did the same thing! Wow! Gosh. I guess it entered my subconscious.