Tuesday, November 18, 2008

careful lawyering

I'm editing the program for the Christmas show and have worked a lot with T.Win, an excellent retired lawyer type who is kind of a slow talker. Everything he says, he thinks about carefully and says just the way he wants. I love this guy. Look at this series of e-mails:

artistic director: [asks if this one French word should be in italics.]
me: It's not italicized right now - the copy editor and I will decide, I think, unless someone has a very strong opinion.
T.Win: [paragraph on why it shouldn't be italicized.]
me: Strong opinions: I like it.
T.Win: But you see that I expressed it as a modestly strong opinion so as to not trigger your "very strong opinion" proviso.
me: Ah, interesting. Very subtle, T.Win.
T.Win: Careful lawyering combined with pedantry.
me: You should get a t-shirt with that phrase across the front.

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erin*carly said...

i didn't know he was a lawyer. i learn something new every day.