Thursday, October 30, 2008

knitting fiend

I made a hat for my dad. I was kinda saving it for Christmas, but I couldn't wait, and he did just have a birthday. Here he is modeling it in my apartment tonight:

Note that it has a tassel. He wears hats inside the house so I figured I could make something pretty ridiculous and he wouldn't mind. Then when I finished I decided it was so great I wanted one for myself. Mine's pink and stripey and only about 2.5 inches long so far.

This knitting's fun. I love making stuff, and it's fun making stuff that is actually useful and doesn't just take up space. I really like how I can sit in one place and wiggle some sticks around for a while and end up with a *thing* that is both nifty-looking (if far from perfect - I'm not selling these) and functional.


erin*carly said...

that's an awesome hat. and your dad is awesome to start with, so that's a picture of a lot of awesomeness.

aaron has this awful, ugly yellow hat that he uses when he's sleeping on the boat (apparently it can get really cold). his ex made it for him. i hate that hat.

do you do commissioned work?

miss shirley said...

LOL! Good idea, Erin. that I am embracing this new hobby can you make me a hat? :)I'll sew you a bag!

towwas said...

Heh. Sure, Miss S. EC, I might take commissions, but I'd have to charge a lot and you'd end up with a very, shall we say, handmade-looking hat. :) I'm not sure it would be worth it. But I've gone from 0 to hats in about three weeks - I bet you could do it, too!