Saturday, September 06, 2008

today in feet

Grrrbear's in town! Woo! So it's time for blogcon '08 feet pictures! Today he and I met Spice at the train station and set off to see the sights. We were blessed? anointed? with the tail end of tropical storm Hanna, which was frankly pretty anemic. Well, I mean, I got wet, but I've been wetter.

Because there was a ton of rain, nobody was crazy enough to stand in line outside the Archives, so we pretty much marched right in and looked at the Constitution and whatnot. If you follow Spice's blog, you know she's got a foot injury and a boot. Here's how she protects it (she'd just re-wrapped it before venturing out of the Archives into a pretty major downpour):

That's Spice on the left, me at the bottom, and Grrrbear at right. He's wearing a pair of my flip-flops because of the rain. (And because I have huge feet.) I went for tevas and a skirt, which turned out to be a good combination. I don't think jeans would have dried out all day.

After the Archives we went to the Natural History Museum, the Jim Henson exhibit which is AWESOME but doesn't allow photographs - sad - and then the Air and Space Museum. Here's some kind of seal at the Air & Space:

While Grrrbear read the displays that go with the Wright Brothers' plane, Spice and I sat and compared feet (by now she was just leaving the plastic bag on the boot inside the museums, too):

And then we took perhaps the best foot picture of them all, in a metro station! Check out those snazzy red tiles!

It had stopped raining, so Spice didn't need her plastic bag anymore. Ah, what a fine day of sightseeing. With our feet!


J.Po said...

OMG the boot wrapped in a plastic bag pretty much made me lose my breakfast. That's friggin hilarious! GREAT to hear you had a good time despite the weather. I only wish I could have been there for the mini-reunion '08.

towwas said...

Hey, J.Po, any time you come to town, we'll organize another mini-reunion. It'll be great.