Saturday, September 27, 2008

salt n pepa

My parents just got back from two weeks in Russia and a week in Prague. They brought me a lot of cool presents, but I find this one the most amusing:

It's a salt and pepper grinder. Coming soon on a bowl of popcorn near you! (Does anyone here read Russian?)


J.Bro said...

It's been years since I took Russian, but I think I can still sound out the cyrillic letters. From top to bottom, it's something like -

Se chernyum pyertseum
Vkuse and aromat - vcyegd..."

Now, do I know what any of those words mean? Other than assuming there's a "salt" and "pepper" in there somewhere, I do not.

Racine said...

With black pepper
Tasty and aromatic - always...

And that's about the extent of my Russian!

When are we going to do another Russian Revels...?!

towwas said...

Wow, thanks, you Russian-knowing people! Cool!