Sunday, September 28, 2008

chicago: the park

People kept telling me I had to go see Millennium Park, and I was like, whatever, how good can a park named after a year be. But it's actually really cool. Lots of people out, neat public art, thumbs up.

In the foreground, that's a bit of prairie or something. Peeking over the right back wall, Chicago's very own Gehry building. (It's a concert pavilion thing. All my pictures where you can actually see it make it look terrible.)

Look how pretty the lawn seating at the pavilion is. So pretty! And such a nice day.

A sculpture cleverly called "The Bean." It may have an official name, too. But I don't know it.

That's me taking a picture of myself reflected in the bean.


Sarah E. Moffett said...

I want a "bean" in my front yard. And someone to explain to me why exactly it is called art.

~Ignorant Irina

grrrbear said...

The actual name is "Cloud Gate", but nobody actually calls it that.

And as for why it is art - because it's so purty...

...and because Mayor Daley *SAYS* it's art, dammit!

towwas said...

On the "why is [thing] called art" question, I've pretty much come down on the side where if someone wants to tell me it's art, that's good enough for me. It was made by an artist, it's pretty, and hey, *I* didn't think of it.

erin*carly said...

i happen to love the Bean. i don't know why, but i do. yay large scale works of art! :)

towwas said...

It's big and shiny - what's not to like?