Thursday, August 14, 2008

weird drinks

Nestea has the most nonsensical ad campaign going on right now. They've put up a ton of ads in the metro about a new drink that purports to disguise antioxidants with delicious tea.

Isn't that backwards? I think consumers have generally caught on by now that there's a lot of products with antioxidants in them, thanks to companies advertising the heck out of pomegranate juice and whatnot. And, thanks to that advertising, I think antioxidants have more of a delicious image than not. So it's weird to be all, "we're disguising the antioxidants!" And what are they disguising it with? Green tea. Normal people do not like green tea. They drink it because they think it's healthy. (Actually, the one on that poster might be black tea. But anyway.)

Yesterday S.Vix and I were walking to lunch and came across a bunch of people handing out free samples. I got a bottle of the "Green Tea with Natural Citrus Flavor and other natural flavors." The name was my first tip (that's a lot of "flavors"), and the bad feeling intensified when I read the ingredients - both high-fructose corn syrup *and* sucralose. Yeah. It wasn't enough to use high-fructose corn syrup, they had to throw in an artificial sweetener, too.

It was totally gross. I opened it at my desk, and kept sipping at it because it was there, but finally I was motivated enough by disgust to put my shoes on and go dump it out. Ugh.

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J.Bro said...

Have you ever seen someone try hot green tea for the first time? Totally hilarious, and doubly so if they drink the artificially-sweetened bottled stuff.