Tuesday, August 26, 2008


One of the many challenges of driving from here to New England is the tolls. There's like 15 million of them. (I exaggerate. But they are numerous.) So I was kind of dreading having to slow down and dig up money every few miles.

But the rental car came with an E-Z Pass! So easy! And E-Z! They somehow send the bill to the rental car company and pay it off your credit card. It's kind of awesome. You just have to remember to slide the transponder out of its case before going through the special lane. (Fortunately, Miss Shirley and I are responsible people - and were really excited about the gadgetry - so we always remembered.) I just checked the bill - it was $42.85. Silly tolls.


Coloradan said...

I kept my EZ Pass when I sold my car, but I have yet to remember to bring it with me on a trip to New York. Sigh.

J-Vo said...

What is even more awesome about the EZ pass is that if you have an I-Pass, for use on the Chicago toll roads, you can also use it on the EZ Pass. Plus, you only pay for what you use.

erin*carly said...

i totally believe that amount. it's about $20 each way in tolls to my parents' house in Jersey.

growing up in Jersey, i thought all highways always some sort of tolls. that goes along with my thought that everywhere in the country, businesses closed on Sunday because of the Blue Laws.

oh, how i was wrong. thanks, Mob.