Monday, August 04, 2008

road trip!

Whew! That was a good road trip. And a quick one. Ok, it involved, like, 20-25 hours in the car over four days.

Thursday we drove from here to New Bedford, Mass. Getting around New York takes a long time. I think the Empire State Building (the tallest light spot in the middle of the photo below, which was taken when we were moving at about 2 mph on I-95) was in view for about an hour.

The GPS had some goofy idea about us going through the Holland Tunnel and cutting across Manhattan on surface streets. Um...I am fairly sure this is a bad idea. (I finally discovered yesterday that it was set to avoid toll roads, which explained a lot of weird suggestions it was making in New Jersey.) Anyway, we made it to our hotel at 1:00 a.m., which may be late for a normal person but is pretty much bedtime for me and Miss Shirley.

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