Thursday, August 07, 2008

the evening hangs beneath the moon

Where was Miss Shirley while I was at the museum, you ask?

Miss Shirley knows how to do vacation. No getting up at the crack of 9 a.m. to eat breakfast and race off to a museum. Nuh-uh. Instead, send your friend to the museum while you sleep until 1:00, then get the friend to tell you about the exciting parts over lunch.

She was coming down with a cold, so spending 18-20 of every 24 hours in bed was not a bad idea at all, but this was her plan even pre-illness. It's vacation genius.


miss shirley said...

This picture makes me want to go back to bed.

J.bro said...

I will never understand and cannot approve of this kind of "vacation". Vacations should leave you totally drained, wiped out, and ready to come home.

miss shirley said...
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miss shirley said...

j.bro - Normally I would agree with you but life is busy and noisy around my house and I was planning to take a "time out" weekend anyway. I was considering different retreat possibilities or even just a hotel nearby until TOWWAS invited me to tag along with her. It was a perfect.