Monday, August 11, 2008

don't you forget about me

Every time I see that JC Penney back-to-school ad based on The Breakfast Club, I am very confused. Do kids these days even know that movie?

Tonight this ad came on (and question crossed my mind) when I happened to be IMing with a 17-year-old on Facebook. And, whaddya know, she loves that movie. Weird. I didn't know anyone had watched it after, like, 1993.

You learn a lot about current commercials when watching the Olympics. My favorite commercial: this awesome Coke ad with Yao Ming and LeBron James.


Sophist said...

That is an awesome ad - especially when Yao Ming says "Cheers," and LeBron says "Gan bei" (bottoms up)!!

Yeah there are kids at work who are about 23 years old and they are REALLY into the 80s. Michael Jackson, Knight Rider, A-Team, yeah, I don't know where they all get it from. I guess the 80s were that awesome!

J.Bro said...

But, wow, that JC Penney ad would be *terrible* if you didn't get the reference.

erin*carly said...

i was watching an episode of "Psych" last night, and it totally referenced all the great 80's high-school based movies (because it was set at a high school reunion) . . . including an awesome ending 'letter' just like the Breakfast Club.

also, i totally had a poster of the characters on my wall freshman year of college, and people would ask me all the time who the people were.

grrrbear said...

This is why I don't use facebook. Since I'm a dude I'd probably be arrested if I was to IM with a 17 year old.

My beef with the ad is the lousy 311/Nickelback/Blink 182 cover of the Simple Minds tune. Blech.