Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Check it out - not only are the rest stops along the New Jersey Turnpike named for prominent New Jerseyans (Grover Cleveland, Joyce Kilmer), they also have real flowers in the bathrooms.

Here, Miss Shirley tries, unsuccessfully, to get one of those motion-activated paper towel dispensers to surrender its goods.


erin*carly said...

wow. you must have stopped by on a day when an inspector was coming through. every time i stop in jersey, i'm greeted with a pile of paper towels and mystery wet countertops . . . you know, the kind you lean up against and woah! your pants are now wet in the front.

which one was this? i'll have to make sure i stop there next time i'm driving home.

towwas said...

Well, maybe we were lucky! It was like this in both places we stopped on the way up (uh...Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson, I think). We didn't stop on the turnpike on the way home.

miss shirley said...

Those darn machines were against me.