Monday, July 07, 2008

what a day what a day for an auto-da-fé

Right, so, I sang Candide on Sunday. I think it went really well. I certainly felt like I was singing well. And the conductor cooled his bat-out-of-hell tempos a bit for the performance, so we got out more of the words than in the other rehearsals with him.

An unfortunate fact of the hall is that you can't hear a dang thing when you're seated at the back of the stage. So the soloists and narrator were chatting away and it sounded like mush. Completely unintelligible. It was kind of sad not to get to appreciate this performance that was, judging by the audience's reaction, hilarious.

E.C. took pictures of us at rehearsal on Saturday, so she got two free tickets and took Miss Shirley. N.Lu and S.Vix came, too, but left at intermission because their butts were wet. (There was a lot of rain during the day and I gather the lawn was not very hospitable.) Everyone said they liked it, so, yay!

I love when people come to my performances. I know I'm just one completely indistinguishable voice in a big mass of performers, but it means a lot to me when people come to see me.

That's it for my series of random choir concerts - no more performing til...probably December! Crazy!

Blog posts about the show: Someone at the park got to party with Jason Alexander. (Also, a bit about rehearsal.) An audience member. Another one. (Nobody mentions the chorus. Sigh.) And another. (Which mentions the chorus, but inaccurately - we were amplified, too.) And here are some official photos. (You can see me in one of them, if you're looking really closely and know what the woman standing next to me looks like.) Another official post, mostly about Jason Alexander.