Tuesday, July 29, 2008


One of my favorite things about living in Japan was watching TV. The dramas were great, and some of them were major cultural events - everybody was watching when whatsername died on this show. I really got into one of the 15-minute daily soaps. Music Station ruled my Friday night. One quiz show was about geography (yay!) and had entertaining panelists. There was a completely hilarious Sunday night variety show that included a segment where they interviewed falling-down-drunk salarymen on their way home from work. And Iron Chef! And sumo tournaments!

But, man, the game shows? They were the best. Completely insane. Largely incomprehensible. Lots of potential for serious injury. This is why the ABC reality show "I Survived A Japanese Game Show," although you'd think it would be the kind of thing I would hate, really makes me happy.

I mean, I couldn't care less about the drama with the American contestants - who's winning and who's unhappy and who's getting kicked off the show and whatnot. But the competition is perfect. Believe you me, nothing is invented about that show. The weird production values? The overexcited host? The ridiculous costumes? Just like they do it back in ol' Nippon. Good times.


Spice said...

This is obviously not the full Japanese game show experience, but it's still pretty amusing - plus it has Baldwin!


grrrbear said...

If you only had cable you could experience MXC. It's awesomeness is muted only by the fact that it's overdubbed in English. But the english is all completely comedic and no doubt not related at all to what's actually being said so it's great!
Next time you stop in for a visit I'll tivo it for you so you have something to watch when you are sick on the couch.