Thursday, July 03, 2008

sleep of champions

I'm a great sleeper. I can fall asleep more or less anywhere and stay asleep with no problem. I sleep on the metro all the time and never sleep through my stop. I halfway wake up at most stops, figure out more or less how much farther I have to go, then fall asleep again. This is made easy by visual clues in both directions - on the way home, everything's aboveground so I can always tell where I am; going to work, the doors at my station open on one side after three stops in a row of opening on the other side, so I can tell when we get there.

Or that's how it used to work. In the last month or so, I've slept through my stop twice. One night I was coming home and decided it would be a good idea to doze off a stop and a half before my stop; when I woke up again, the doors were closing at my stop. Then this morning I fell asleep and woke up when the train was *three* stops past work, the doors were already closed, and the driver was announcing the next stop.


I think I need to brush up my sleeping skills. (Or I could stay awake, but, I mean, cmon now. That's just silly.)


erin*carly said...

i've been sleeping through my alarm clock lately. i'm going to have to start keeping it on the other side of the room again.

or i need to stop staying up so late.

Coloradan said...

Maybe your problem is that you don't really want to go to work. As Freud said, there are no mental accidents. Cleveland Park is where you really want to go. One word: Indique!