Wednesday, June 04, 2008


We are having a giNORmous storm today. It's in wave two right now, with tornado warnings in a bunch of Virginia counties and a tornado watch in D.C. This afternoon at work I was looking out my window and in about 15 minutes it went from a little overcast to yellow to dark as night, then started raining in sheets. I was following warnings online and called my mom after I saw a tornado warning for their county. Then I called again after I saw the somewhat more specific one about a storm with "severe rotation" headed toward a list of neighborhoods including the one where my parents live. (All is fine at home.)

This is one of the many times when it is particularly awesome to have huge south-facing windows. Rehearsal tonight (the first meeting for the Christmas show!) was cancelled because the power's out where we were supposed to have it.

Seriously, though. Aren't tornadoes supposed to stay in the Midwest? I only remember one tornado from when I was growing up around here.

Question of the day: Do we have more tornadoes now or better detection? Or do we just get more worked up about them than we used to?


J.Po said...

Man, I love me some good hearty weather. I never get it anymore, what with my living in the wussy-arse bay area and all. Take some pictures and post, please. Or better yet, VIDEO!

(Hope your parents don't have fallen trees and the like! My parents recently had to replace all appliances due to a tree that fell on their electrical wiring that caused huge surges through their whole house. Too bad one of their surge protectors was broken!)

towwas said...

Yikes! My parents have a good relationship with an excellent arborist, so nothing's fallen on anything in a long time.

Coloradan said...

Yeah, I thought tornadoes were Midwestern, too. Maybe that's why I don't take the tornado warnings more seriously.

erin*carly said...

j.po: i have a little video of this past weekend's 5 minute hurricane. (didn't get yesterday's storm, though.) i'll see about posting it to my flickr site for you.

Talentedhands said...

I was mighty annoyed that the weather cancelled our rehearsal. I had hired a babysitter and everything! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr