Sunday, June 01, 2008

minus garfield

You know what makes Garfield better? Taking out Garfield. It becomes all about Jon in existential crisis. (Also, Jim Davis likes it.)


Dog said...

I was first exposed to this beautiful phenomenon in a different form -- in February of 2006, the Truth and Beauty Bombs forum had a thread wherein people removed not Garfield, but all of his dialogue.

The result was somewhat less starkly existential, but had me busting a gut anyway.

I think I like Minus Garfield better, though. It's more poignant, more desperate, but still funny. And it's great to hear that Jim Davis likes it. :D

J.Bro said...

It's awesome that Jim Davis likes it. It makes me wonder what he thinks of his own strip, really-truly (I wonder the same thing about whoever draws Cathy and Family Circus). Is this like a children's book kinda thing to them? As in, "Clearly this isn't something that *I* enjoy, but *somebody* does and I make a pretty decent living doing it." Or is the person who draws Cathy really like that in real life, and just putting her real experiences down on paper?

Talentedhands said...

Awesome. Crisis comics.