Saturday, May 31, 2008

talk about the weather

This afternoon I was standing at my window watching it rain really hard. They'd predicted big weather for this afternoon, and the skies were starting to deliver. It's really cool watching storms from my window - I have a great view, from the parking lot under my window to the heights a few miles away.

Then while I was watching, the rain got even heavier, really pouring down - and all of a sudden a big oil slick whooshed out from under my car and ran down the drain. Whoops. Sorry about that, Mother Earth. Guess I know now just how much rain it takes to wash off that oil spot. I think the runoff from the parking lot goes into the geothermal system, so at least I'm not delivering my used motor oil *directly* to the Chesapeake Bay.

I just read there was a tornado watch until 5:00 this afternoon - I'm glad I didn't know that. Tornadoes have played starring roles in many of my nightmares.

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