Friday, May 30, 2008

old europe

Tonight Barkley, S.Ball and I went to a German restaurant for dinner. This is the general decor concept they have going:

Oil paintings everywhere, quite a few antlers, and juuust peeking in at the top middle of the picture, that's a model ship, one of several hanging from the ceiling. Oh, and there's beer steins. AND the waitresses wear dirndl-y German outfits. The restaurant has been there since 1948.

It was really quite tasty food - we were just in time for the tail end of the spring Spargelfest, so I had schnitzel with asparagus and potatoes - mmmmm. And they had this drink called "May Punch" with champagne, sweet spring wine, and some slices of strawberry floating on top. Mmmmm. Also, there was a blind pianist who played (and occasionally sang) such things as Mozart arias, a Sound of Music medley, Strauss waltzes, and Send in the Clowns.

Good surreal times.

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I Blog, You Blog said...

BASSO and I used to go there fairly regularly, as it was close to our office and close to where the Chorale used to rehearse. I haven't been there in ages... And sparglefest is definitely the best time to go...

*le sigh* for ye olden days...