Tuesday, May 06, 2008

agnes and antony and cleopatra

Here's an example of one of my wacky literal dreams - just woke up from this one:

I was playing the role of Agnes in a college production of the Stephen Sondheim musical "Antony and Cleopatra." (No, there is no such musical.) Agnes was a pretty minor part, so they didn't call me to any rehearsals - my first run-through was the performance. But when I got there, I realized that, what with the madrigal version of the christmas show, the may version of the christmas show, and the lord of the rings, I hadn't learned any of the music. I tried to learn my solo before the show, but the notation was weird and I couldn't figure out how it went. And anyway, I hadn't even started on learning my lines. Fortunately, they found someone else to play my part. And then the show started it and it was dreadful and I was happy I wasn't in it.

Weird, huh? And it wasn't even an anxiety dream - once I got there and remembered I'd never gotten around to learning my part, I figured they would find someone else who could do it.


miss shirley said...

I have the appearing on stage but I don't know my role dream all the time but it is totally an anxiety thing. The funny thing is I expect to open my mouth and have the right thing come out the whole time and sometimes it does and sometimes I realize that it isn't going to, and then I wake up.

J.Bro said...

18 stars for your oddly-literal dream! How many stars is my rating system out of?!

towwas said...