Sunday, April 06, 2008

one, two, three

Last weekend one of the local public TV stations was showing the movie One, Two, Three. It's a Billy Wilder movie from 1961 about a Coca-Cola executive in West Berlin who, yknow, experiences wacky hijinks. So I thought I'd give it a try, and it was great! Ok, it was during my naptime (when is it not my naptime?) and I had to get it from Netflix to watch the second half. But: thoroughly entertaining.

It's full of inappropriate jokes about communism and the war - there's a running joke about a guy who says he worked for the underground during the war. No, not the resistance, the subway. And there's the immortal line, "Look, if you guys could burn down the Reichstag, you can set a match to one measly marriage certificate!"

I thought 1961 would be an interesting time in West Berlin, because that's the year the Wall went up. And indeed - according to imdb, the border was closed partway through filming and they couldn't use the real Brandenburg Gate anymore.

So, I recommend it. Topic for discussion: Billy Wilder. Awesome or superawesome? I've seen probably six or seven of the 27 movies he directed, and they've all been awesome, so I think that adds up to one superawesome. Anyone else?

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