Friday, April 18, 2008


This is why online mapping programs are kind of ridiculous:
6.Turn left at Nebraska Ave NW
1.2 mi
7.Slight right at Tenley Circle
223 ft
8.Continue on Nebraska Ave NW
0.7 mi
9.Slight right at Ward Circle NW
52 ft
10.Slight left to stay on Ward Circle NW
308 ft
11.Slight right at Nebraska Ave NW
0.5 mi
12.Continue on Loughboro Rd NW
0.2 mi

Ohhh ok. So those six steps, if you're counting? All one road. I especially appreciate the part where it tells you to take a slight right at Ward Circle, go 52 feet, then take a slight left to *stay* on Ward Circle. Then 308 feet later, be sure to get back on Nebraska! Wow, thanks, Google! Gosh, what if I'd gone 58 feet on Ward Circle before turning left to stay on Ward Circle? That would have been disastrous!

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grrrbear said...

I get these same sorts of directions from my Garmin when I'm using it and it's just as annoying. Always telling me to "keep left" when it really means "stay going straight".