Tuesday, March 18, 2008

off to poland

At 6:30 on a Thursday morning, I got on a train in Berlin and headed to Poland. I barely slept the night before, I was so worried about getting around with no Polish knowledge and freaked out about going to Auschwitz. So, once I got on the train, I pretty much passed out and woke up seven hours later in Warsaw. Well, I also woke up every time a conductor came by and woke me up so he/she could check my ticket. (Unfortunately, I don't know how to say in Polish: "Dude, I've been sitting here since we left Berlin. My ticket is still valid.")


miss shirley said...

They should totally put that phrase in the Polish phrase book. Thanks again for sushi! Tuna...yum. No wait, tempura banana...yum.

towwas said...

I know, they should! And we should go for Japanese food again sometime. That was outstanding.

erin*carly said...

my roommate just told me a story of getting stuck in a train station in england that reminded me of you waking up to not miss your stop. she missed the last train back to where she was staying because her plane was delayed fom Denmark, so she had to sleep there and wait for the next train in the morning. she found some post-its and wrote "wake me up at (whatever time she said)" and stuck them all over her. that morning, people came up to her and kept waking her up, making sure she was okay. such a sight, i bet! (she did make it back just fine.)