Sunday, March 09, 2008

let the blogging commence

I'm back home, and I have pictures! I took nearly 1,200 (yikes) so you will be seeing a verrrrrry small selection.

A brief vacation overview: I was away for a little over two weeks. Most of that time I was in Berlin, but I spent last weekend, Thursday to Monday, in Poland. This trip had large quantities of history, music, good people, and reading. Also, sleep. And art. Also, a heck of a lot of drizzly rain.

It turns out Berlin is a pretty casual-dressing town, so I didn't feel conspicuous wandering the streets in my giant white sneakers. Unfortunately, wearing my giant white sneakers was not enough to keep my feet from hurting almost all of the time. Stupid feet.


grrrbear said...

Holy crap, 1200!?!?

Can't wait! It's been almost six months since I was in Germany and I miss it. I mean, the trade show is next year too, but it's in *Milan* that year. Poor me...

towwas said...

Yep. Well, 1198.

I've been to Milan, and I personally would rather hang out in Germany. Or, like, anywhere. But I may have just been in a bad mood when I was there. I expect a full report!