Saturday, March 01, 2008

dinner worth blogging about

Last night for dinner I had: pierogis and borscht. That's right, folks, I'm in Poland. I assumed the pierogis would be good, and they were fine - you can't go wrong with meat inside bread-like material. I only got the borscht because I felt I should, 'cause I'm in Eastern Europe. I thought borscht was a joke food. But, holy cow, borscht is AWESOME! It was hot and red and clear (I somehow had the impression it was stew, but it's a dark red broth) and spicy and deeeeelicious. I want to eat it every day now. Until Monday night, when I plan to take the night train back to Berlin.

Anyway, I'm in Kraków now, and it is sooooo niiiiice. Have you ever had borscht? What did you think it was?

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miss shirley said...

I would have guessed sausage. It also sounds like something the Swedish Chef from the Muppet Show would say, although it doesn't sound Swedish at all.