Wednesday, February 20, 2008

one for the locals

Hey dudes! I have two local theater recommendations, so listen up, 'cause it's rare for me to go around talking about theater that isn't one Christmas Show production or another.

1. Argonautika at the Shakespeare Theatre, through March 2nd. It's written and directed by Mary Zimmerman, who did a really lovely Pericles here a few years ago. There's lots of puppets, including a big eyeball and a totally funny fighting dude who is somehow related to Poseidon. Gah. I'm trying to explain it and I keep backspacing, because it's so cool I can't do it justice. It's visually exciting, it's funny, and at the end it manages to go both post-modern and touching at the same time. You have 1.5 more weeks.

2. Low Tide Hotel at the Round House in Silver Spring, through Sunday, is described on the advertising postcards as "a Dada day at the beach." This pretty much sums it up. Texts are drawn from traditional ballads, Melville, and the Police. There's funny physical theater. And it's 15 bucks and it's over in an hour. Ok, and it was created by two Christmas-Show-associated actors. They are the awesome, and we should all go see them every time they do anything, but especially this time, because they really need audience - there were only 24 people at the show I saw.


erin*carly said...

i may try to make it to that shakespeare theatre performance . . . puppets and a large eye sound um . . . interesting. unfortunately, i don't think i have time to make it to our favorite mimes' show. i'm already taking in a performance of 'The Pirates of Penzance' on saturday. granted, i did work for them and was given these tickets in return, but still. it's pirates.

you don't happen to want to go, do you? i have an extra ticket. saturday night at the Atlas. if not, any readers out there want to join me?

towwas said...

Nah, I'm in Berlin then. You should definitely hit Low Tide Hotel if you can - it's just a 5 minute walk from the Silver Spring metro! I went after Strathmore last week.