Wednesday, January 02, 2008

ich spreche Deutsch, ja!

Ok, I'm doing it. The German adventure has started. I gave the school a large amount of money this evening, and tomorrow night I'm starting one of the intensive courses.

They had really low registration for the January intensive courses, and they'll only hold a class if there's four people, so tonight they rounded everyone up to see who could be grouped together. I had to take a written placement test and the guy was dealing with other students while I worked on it, and by the time I was done there were only three people still sitting in the waiting area. He told me what level I'd placed into and I said, "So, the class is happening?" and he said, "It is if you register!" Turns out the other three people were waiting to see if there would be a fourth. Oop. Good thing I signed up.

So, thanks for the advice and analysis, dear readers! I think I could do a lot of good work on my German without the class, but I think it'll be fun, and anyway, social lives are for the weak. I'll resurface in February...but then I'll probably be staying home every night to watch German movies from Netflix. (Guests welcome.)

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