Sunday, December 23, 2007

oops, sorry bout that

I would like to offer an open apology to anyone who has ridden in the backseat of my car recently. Since that's only two or three people, and none of them read this blog, this apology is worthless, but I'm sorry anyway about your wet butt.

The other morning when I was trying to get the film off my back window, I spent about half an hour kneeling on the backseat scraping. And at the end of this time, my knees were wet. And I was like, huh, that's not right. I stuck my fingers down behind the seat and discovered...standing water.

So today my dad and I took the bench off the seat and pulled out the lining of the trunk and discovered that my car is basically a pond on wheels. We dried lots of surfaces with rags, took out various fabric bits to dry in the basement, and tried (unsuccessfully) to find a hole where the water was getting in. I bailed about three gallons of water out of the well where the spare tire sits. If it were warmer out, I probably would have been breeding mosquitoes back there.

The stuff in the water wasn't too rusted, so I'm hoping this is a recent problem. The car is at the mechanic's now - I hope he can find the leak!


Talentedhands said...


miss shirley said...

Wow. That's unusual.

J-Vo said...


I mean that in the best way possible, though.

erin*carly said...

my car has a mystery leak . . . all over. thankfully, i haven't had any problems lately, probably since we haven't really had any torrential rains for days on end since the floods of '06.

i only found the leak from the smell... the worst ungodly smell i've ever smelled ever. constant moldy wet dog, i think. it was in the trunk, and in the front seat footwells, and oh goodness, it was horrible.

hopefully your leak can be fixed and you don't have to worry about the smell of leaky-car.

towwas said...

Yuck. Yeah, mine doesn't smell.

grrrbear said...

Wow, weird! That sucks, hopefully you'll be able to get it all dried out before it gets hot and mold becomes a problem.

J.Bro said...

I miss so much when I go to Nebraska!