Saturday, December 22, 2007

dmv redemption

You may remember my fully-illustrated visit to the DMV a few weeks ago - there was much waiting, much sitting around, and to top off the fun, I failed for having a bad seal on my gas cap. (Oooops - sorry 'bout those fumes, atmosphere.)

Today was my last chance to get the car re-inspected without having to pay another inspection fee, so I had to go, even though it's a Saturday and a holiday weekend and everyone else would be there, too.

I was ready for a major ordeal. I left the house at about 7:15 with a bag of magazines, snacks, and cough medicines. (The inspection station opens at 7 on Saturday, but I have limits.) When I got close to the DMV, there was no line of cars around the corner and I thought, oh no, it's closed. But no - there just weren't that many people. I waited about 20 minutes, they tested my car, it passed, and I went around the corner to register and get a new title.

Anyway, I am now the proud owner of a pair of D.C. license plates. I thought the Maryland plates were better-looking, but I defy you to find a better license plate slogan than D.C.'s.

Since I said last time I'd bring my real camera on my next visit, here's one of the few photos I had time to take, displaying the extraordinary cleanliness of my back window:

Yesterday I paid my mechanic to get the rest of the tinting film and the horrible glue off the back window - I was afraid some overzealous inspector would fail me for the shreds of purple left behind after the scraping party on the last visit. I kept looking in the rear-view mirror and being shocked at how much I could see.


J.Bro said...

Did you see the Colbert Report interview with your Congressional liason (or whatever her title is)? High-larious.

towwas said...

Yeah, I've seen one, and it was pretty darn awesome.

erin*carly said...

i love how the DMV website says they "[encourage] all DC residents to support DC's quest for full representation in the US Congress."

maybe if we can get that on the quarter, the congressmen will listen, since having it plastered on every car in the district doesn't seem to have a strong enough effect.