Monday, November 19, 2007

full weekend

This weekend was the Big Rehearsal Weekend for the Christmas show - 9 to 6 on Friday and noon to 6 yesterday. Saturday we had various different activities, music rehearsal and handbell practice and blocking the second act. Then yesterday was the biggest day - we had to get in costume, then run the whole show.

First, and I feel terribly ungracious saying this and am therefore saying it on my blog which no costume people read, I hate my costume. This year is Elizabethan, right? So everyone says, ooh, beautiful costumes! Yeah. Not me. Think "frumpy." One of the chorus members said it best: "What, you don't get a waist?" (Others used variations on "What is this?") This is particularly annoying when I'm surrounded by people in lovely, cleavage-baring fancy-fabric dresses. Mine is red and woolly in clashing patterns.

Second, I have the best stage husband ever. Ok, I can only compare him to the one other stage husband I've had, and Z.Dog was a very good stage husband. But he had a lot of business to do, and we weren't really blocked together that often. Mr.M and I are together basically all the time, he always knows what's going on, *and* he told me I look gorgeous in my hideous costume. Major points.

Third, this all-day rehearsal thing gets easier every year. The first year, I nearly melted down on the Sunday of this weekend. By the second year, I'd realized that when they went around yelling about how you aren't allowed to eat in costume, they didn't actually mean it. By the third year, I'd realized that I could ignore a lot of what was going on. And hey, this year - I basically followed Mr.M around. No worries.

The show's going to be great...can't wait! My ticket sales are way down this year, and I don't know why. I'm hoping it's just because of losing all the people from my former employer, not that people saw last year's show and hated it.


erin*carly said...

i concur, you do have a great stage husband. i mean, secret husband. oh, what the hell. shouldn't they just get rid of the 'secret' part and make it easier?

i have nothing to compare to, but Mr.M's brother, Mr.K, was a pretty fantastic stage husband, too. especially since i had no idea what to do or expect, being my first year, and he'd also always know what was going on.

by the way, your costume is much much better with all that pinning and shaping. i apologize if i gave it a look at first . . . but at least i wasn't wearing anything pretty.

towwas said...

Yeah, we decided we pretty much give up on the secret by the end of the show.And, yeah, it does look better with the pinning. But have you seen all those beautiful dresses?? Sigh. Costume envy.

J.Bro said...

I have two questions. (1) Is a stage husband like an office wife? (2) Do we get to see pictures of this human-rights-violating dress?

towwas said...

1. Yes, but with more physical contact and way more singing than would be acceptable with an office wife.
2. Ooh. I don't know if any face-excluding photos were taken yesterday. I'll get one for you in December. And maybe some of the fancy dresses for comparison [sigh].

J.Po said...

PICTURE = YES! Please. Cannot wait. Got a taste on Facebook, but I want more!

erin*carly said...

i believe i may have photos . . . the set from the weekend is being edited down over thanksgiving.

or more specifically, while i wait for hours in the airport, since i'm leaving straight from my office and we're closing earlier than anticipated.