Thursday, November 01, 2007

dc united (sigh)

I went to the DC United game tonight, and it was the playoffs and it was a great game and super exciting but they LOST because oh, it's too depressing to explain but it was really close and I would like to join the rest of the fans in blaming the ref. The crowd was super into it and we were right behind the biggest cheering section (the people waving the flags in the picture). The whole section of seats bounced up and down. It was good times. And DC got two goals, so there was much celebrating. And we even celebrated the third goal before - sigh.


grrrbear said...

Woo!!! Go Chicago Fire!!!!!

Um...I condolences on your loss.

erin*carly said...

aww, that looks like so much fun. win, lose, at least a good time was had by all . . . well, maybe not for the players at the end.

maybe next year i won't be so busy and i'll actually make it to a game. [ha]

towwas said...

Grrrbear, you are dead to me.