Monday, November 26, 2007

cmon, smart people

Quiz update: Giddysinger is the only one who's guessed what instrument was played by both TMBG and KFME this weekend, and it wasn't so much a "guess" as the fact that he knows both bands. So, you people who have vague knowledge of They Might Be Giants: what instrument is played by John Linnell and might also be played by a trio that performs traditional Finnish and Russian music?

Hints: it's not a jingle bell stick thing; that was only They Might Be Giants. Also not a double bass, which was only played by the Karelian Folk Music Ensemble. Also not trombone (TMBG), harmonica (KFME), theremin (TMBG) or goat horn (KFME). Picture to follow when you're sick of guessing or everybody gets it.


erin*carly said...

a hurdy-gurdy?

(i really have no clue, they're just my favorite random instrument.)

BASSO said...

Lady of Spain Thing?

towwas said...

Heh. Basso, you're the man.

Racine said...

I do remember another correct guess Saturday -- after I incorrectly guessed the bass fiddle. Don't want to ruin it for everybody else though. ..

I bought another KFME CD--Winds of the Past--which contains that beautiful encore piece, The Pilgrim's Prayer (Alleluyia). I think Sasha did it much better Saturday than on the CD. Very moving IMHO.

towwas said...

Oh, yes, Wurzy, you got it, too, with guesses.

I bought Winds of the Past, too - it's lovely, and I thought the Russian songs all sounded better live. (But I'm still happy to have them on a recording!!)