Sunday, September 09, 2007


You know how google has those little one-line ads at the top of the gmail window? And how gmail's thing is picking ads that relate to stuff in your e-mail? Well, I occasionally get messages from people at my former employer, particularly now that I am doing some freelance for them, and apparently my former employer is buying ads from google. I keep getting an ad offering a year's subscription for $15. Pretty good deal, eh? Too bad I don't want to subscribe to my old employer.

Which reminds me, the subscription price to my new employer (if purchased online) is also $15, and you (yes, you) should get a subscription. It's ludicrously cheap and it's the only way to read my stories - they aren't online.


grrrbear said...

WHAT!?! I just renewed my subscription (which I've had since 1997) and it cost me $32!!!

You know, now I'm kinda pissed. Too bad the check is already in the mail...

towwas said...

Maybe if you call & complain and threaten to cancel, they'll give you the deal?